FREE from the DOMINION of the Darkness by the DOMINION of the Kingdom of HIS Son 

Come, Learn, and Experience How the Kingdom of God works @Heaven, @Earth and in Us

Lunch and Snacks will be served

25th Nov - 10am to 5pm @ Open House, Hunnur Cross, Bangalore.

Hi, I am Paul R Karthik

FREEDOM - FREE from the DOMINION of the Darkness by the DOMINION of the Kingdom of HIS Son - in this workshop You will create Your Unique & Personal Overcoming Strategy Blueprint in 6 easy & simple steps.

Being a Design Thinker and an Architect by profession, I am passionate on helping believers to understand and experience the core message of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom is Not a Religion is the program blueprint I designed over a 15 years of research.

For this mission I founded Royal Diadem Organization at 2021, helping every individuals to Redefine their Personal Identity with thier Uniquness to live a Kingdom Dominion Lifestyle which God has Designed and Promised for us.

3 Steps To Dominate Your Kingdom Lifestyle

God has Designed and Promised us the Life of Freedom and Overcoming from the kingdom of darkness.

Step 1

Learn and Activate the Governance of Kingdom of God on Your Life

Though we live on the Earth, we are citizens of Heaven, We need to understand how God's governance applies NOW in our lives by understaing and applying 3 Governing Systems & 7 Dominions of God.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Know Your Enemy's Strategy

One of the greatest and oldest satan's strategy is to use our weaknesses, he builds strategy to control and dominate our lives by our weaknesses, most of the time its repeatative, the problem is we dont have Personal Overcoming Strategy. 

Step 3

Creating Personal Unique Overcoming Strategy 

The victory of Jesus on the cross is ours. God created everyone Uniquely, we should't copy others winning strategy, that would not workout. You need to create one based on how God designed you Uniquely. Redefine your Identity with you Uniquenss and dominat your Kingdom Lifestyle.

Step 3
Lunch and Snacks will be served

Benefits of this Workshop

3 Governance of God

Market Analysis

Kingship of God & Christ
Lordship of God, Christ & Holy Spirit
Princeship of Christ
Why,Where & How it Works?

7 Dominions of God

Business Planning

Based on the Territory and Governing system
Why, Where & How it Works?

The Dominion of Darkness

Sales & Marketing

The way the Enemy Dominate you is Unique.
Why & How?

Your Unique Identity


The power to overcoming the Darkness is knowing your Uniqueness
What is my Uniqueness, How to Discover it?

Overcoming Strategy

Mentoring & Coaching

You can not overcome the power of Darkness by others success strategy.
How can I have my own Overcoming Strategy?

Purposeful Life

Growth Strategies

God never wish us to live a life of Anxiety and Failure, but Love, Joy and Happiness.
How can I get the Blueprint of my Purpose?

Lunch and Snacks will be served

God's Unique Design Blueprint

Redefine Your Identity with Your Uniqueness

Experience by our Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few pointers before you attend this webinar.

Is this webinar only for believers?

Yes, but not restricted to anyone willing to join to learn and expolore the benefits of this workshop

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

This interactive workshop will go from 10am to 5pm, with lunch and tea breaks. The workshop will be very powerful learning complex concepts in a very simple way. You will learn 3 Steps to Live a Kingdom Dominion Lifestyle to overcome the strategies of the dominion of darkness. 

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you are really serious about becoming a overcomer, Make sure you are open to learn new concepts and principles. You will be unlearning during our session.

Can a non-believers also attend the workshop?

Of course! Yes, We had many non- believers in our previous workshops and 121 session, who experienced and enjoys the fullness of their Unique Design.

How I attend only half a session or leave during the Break?

We do not encourage our participants to leave in mid or breakout sesssion. But incase of emergency and willingness to leave, we do not stop you.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the workshop?

Yes. We shall talk about the membership into the Kingdom Lifestyle Dominion at the end of the workship. If you resonate with this concept and wish to continue on the learning journey, you can grab the special offer that will be given only in the workshop.

How can I contact you?

You can reachout to us - +91 9632352880

Lunch and Snacks will be served

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